Computer Life of Imathia Prefecture Computer Life of Imathia Prefecture

Every new information system needs intensive maintenance and operational support in terms of user advice, solving operator queries and dealing with various issues in the business premises or over the phone where possible. Software support is provided by the specialist trainers and also by the programmers of Computer Life, where this is deemed necessary, and concerns customers who have purchased one or more software applications from Computer Life. The customer can choose whether they want full or limited software support and receive some or all of the following services:

  • Providing operational clarifications
  • Installing new versions of applications and building coding for data entry
  • The maintenance of the applications and the provision of advice for dealing with problems related to computerization
  • Building discount custom add-on programs and form design
  • Unlimited phone access to Computer Life services during working days and hours.

The customer can also request the provision of services for all programs and in a Windows, LINUX or UNIX environment or for third-party programs that Computer Life markets and recommends to its customers. This category concerns the provision of operational and parametric clarifications and advice on application malfunctions to address any problems.

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