Computer Life of Imathia Prefecture Computer Life of Imathia Prefecture

Stavros Tselios and Co. O.E. " Computer Life N. Imathias ", has been a partner of Epsilon Net since 2011 and almost all the staff of the technical support of applications are certified in applications that cover all of its products.

Since 2017 it has been a PLATINUM PARTNER of Epsilon Net and we were awarded the pan-Hellenic 1st Customer Service Award .

Epsilon Net A.\u200b E.\u200b is a rapidly growing Group of Companies active since 1999 in the fields of IT (Epsilon Net Software), digital content development (Epsilon Net Network) and education (Epsilon Net Training).
The Epsilon Net Group has been a point of reference in the creation of information systems for more than 20 years. It currently employs around 1000+ workers in Athens and Thessaloniki and has an ever-growing network of more than 500 partners throughout Greece. More than 120,000 companies active in the wider economic field base their smooth, daily operation on Epsilon Net products, ensuring timely and valid information, necessary for making critical decisions.
The Epsilon Net Group confirms its ambition to be a one - stop - shop destination for the modern professional , as it offers combined and specialized information 24/7 and a network for solving tax issues with the guarantee of the exclusive, for Greek data, scientific team .

The PYLON platform is 3-tier technology (Thin Client, Application Server, Database Server), Multithread, Multilingual, Third culture by client. The Client – \u200b\u200bApplication Server communication has the possibility of Compression Data, in order to offer the best communication speeds in WAN or Cloud installations, while the Application Server is Stateless technology, providing safe operation in any communication interruption between the Client and the Application Server.
Finally, the application is compatible with Customizable Business Objects, providing unlimited flexibility and customization, in custom solutions that will be required.

The PYLON platform has been developed with the most modern development tools , in order to provide the best functional capabilities and high data security, following Microsoft's data security certificates.


PYLON ERP Hybrid supports and simplifies all operations of a business by increasing the speed, control, organization and monitoring of its activities


PYLON CRM Hybrid is a customer relationship management system. A powerful tool that gives you the ability to strengthen your relationship with your customers and equip your sales department. ...

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