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Epsilon Net Pylon ERP commercial application meets the most demanding needs of commercial enterprises. The rich capabilities of Epsilon Net Pylon ERP at the level of warehouse management, production circuits, purchasing and sales circuits, CRM, financial and transaction management, monitoring Service circuits and Accounting, make it one of the new innovative and integrated commercial platforms worldwide. Epsilon Net Pylon ERP will meet your every expectation.

Key features of Epsilon Net Pylon ERP

  • Warehouse Management – \u200b\u200bStocks, Services, Physical - Logical Warehouse Spaces, Unlimited Branches and Storage Spaces
  • Physical Inventory, Price Lists & Pricing Policy, Electronic Invoice
  • Item Attribute Groups, Tree Categories, Inventory Types, Set -Kit (Composition - Decomposition), Item Attributes (Color - Size - Style), Warranty Management, Serial Numbers Management, Batch Management
  • Inventory Costing, Import - Export Files - Cost Sharing
  • Customer and Supplier Management, Dealers, Sales and Ordering, Intensive Retail, Vendors, Vendor Supplies - Collections Advanced
  • Conversions, Collections - Payments, Matching & Balance Maturity, Shopping and Ordering
  • Expense Management, Time Billing Services Management, Property Management & Rental, Securities - Credit Cards, Financial Accounts, Offers - Prospective Customers, Membership & Points Management (Loyalty Schemes)
  • Income - Expenses, General Accounting, Asset Management, Analytical Accounting
  • Financial Statements (Balance Sheet, Ratios, Company Image), Project Management, Budgeting, Funds Management, Resource Management
  • CRM Actions, Sales Opportunities, Energy Flow Management, On Line Promotional Actions, Campaigns, Subscriptions - Contracts,
  • Company Image (Commercial Indicators)
  • Multiple Cashiers - Shifts, Means of Transport, Basic Forms, Free Fields, Attached Documents, Bond Management
  • Contacts, Calendar, Free Fields, Geographic Areas, English, Easy Report, Report Designer, Customization Tools Level I & Level II
  • Connection with external applications, Dynamic Totals (Formulas)
  • Multiple Companies, Multiple Currencies Management, Business Unit Tracking, Advanced Forms, Item Collections (Customers, Vendors)

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Εκμεταλλευτείτε πλήρως τoν υφιστάμενο μηχανογραφικό εξοπλισμό σας με τις εφαρμογές νέας γενιάς της πλατφόρμας PYLON


Επιλέξτε την ευελιξία απόκτησης της πλατφόρμας PYLON με τη μορφή μηνιαίου συμβολαίου αγοράς και εκσυγχρονίστε την εμπορική διαχείριση της εταιρίας σας


Εμπιστευτείτε την τεχνολογία Cloud Computing της Epsilon Net και μειώστε τα κόστη αρχικής εγκατάστασης και λειτουργίας των εφαρμογών της πλατφόρμας PYLON

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