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The Business Life OEB information system was developed by Computer Life for Vascular Improvement Organizations after many years of experience in managing their operations and guided by their needs to save human resources and provide valid and timely information, with the aim of organizing them more efficiently.

It is a new, modern, unified and integrated computerized system , based on the technique and technology of an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning - System for Utilization of Operational Resources), which was created to "untie" the hands of the executives of the Organizations.

With Business Life OEB ERP, you have the ability to easily and simply manage your Members' Register , their financial and value records, as well as the various documents they submit to the Organization (applications, notarial acts, photos, etc.). The elements that describe-identify a member are fully harmonized with those of the IACS . Furthermore, you are given the possibility to communicate with your members via SMS , which will be automatically sent through the system following your selections.

The Management of Agricultural Plots gives you the possibility to describe them with a little or a lot of information fully adapted to the declarations of the IACS . Some of the information you can enter on parcels are: Farm, Area, Canal, Channel, Crop, Area in m 2 or acres etc. You can also provide its coordinates, to connect it to an internet map, e.g. Google Maps or even with a digitized map of the Agency.

You can have all the history (financial & ownership) of the parcels from its first declaration to the Organization, connected to many owners or growers and containing many crops .

Plot Charges are made en masse or individually with the declaration of the plot and are automatically integrated into the financial record of the plot and member owner or grower, depending on how the Organization operates.

The Price Lists - Billing Prices are formed by parameters such as the farm, the area, the cultivation, the irrigation method, etc. depending on the decisions and the mode of operation of each Organization and their registration is also done en masse.

Discounts , interest and, in general, any charge or credit that concerns members ( Miscellaneous Charges ), are calculated based on a table , according to the way the Organization operates, and it is possible to manage them en masse (fines, postage, etc.).

Collections are made either with the simultaneous issuance of duplicates , or with simple entry of the manuscripts , with the possibility of automatic calculation of discounts or interest and with simultaneous-automatic updating of the Accounting Books and the Fund. In member payments, you can use securities (cheques, etc.) or register advances .

The Reports contained in Business Life OEB ERP cover both the information from the Organization's collections (Day Fund, Member Cards, Calendars, etc.), as well as the information of the Organization and the audit services with a multitude of Statistics .

Also, it is possible to issue a large number of notices (debt, overdue debts, etc.) and certificates (non-debt) and the " Permit to use water for irrigation ".

In Procurement Management , the financial records - for many uses - of suppliers and other business partners (Other Organizations and Services, etc.) are fully monitored, with the entry of all relevant documents. All MONEY ORDERS are printed, purchase and procurement summary statements are created ( M.Y.F. ) and everything else provided by K.F.A.S.

Material Management is done by registering the relevant documents with the simultaneous notification of either the business partners or the projects for which the materials will be exported and with the possibility of issuing the Material Import or Export Duplicate, the Material Card and the Book of Incoming & Outgoing Materials.

With the subsystem of the Accounting Books , the complete Financial Management of the Organization is carried out (Day Fund, Account Cards, Calendars, Balances, etc.) and the monitoring of the D.O.P.

The Business Life ERP - OEB contains the subsystems of Payroll , Assets Register and Electronic Protocol .

The general features of Business Life ERP - OEB are:

  • Friendly and easy to use environment, exclusively for Windows.
  • Great expansion and evolution possibilities with additional applications, specially designed for your changing needs.
  • Immediate and valid information from a single information system.
  • Reliability and confidence.

The Organization's benefits from the use of the software are focused on an operational as well as a strategic level.

At the operational level:

  • Complete automation of your processes.
  • Electronic archiving of your data with the ability to quickly generate reports.
  • Increase the productivity of your staff.
  • Speed \u200b\u200bin your daily tasks.
  • Reduction of operating expenses.

At a strategic level:

  • Reliable information in real time.
  • Effective flow of information in the Organization.
  • Better service to those dealing with the Organization.
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