Computer Life of Imathia Prefecture Computer Life of Imathia Prefecture


  • Comprehensive Contact Information Management, including Contact Information, Personal Information, Identity Information and Contact Origin Information.
  • Manage relationships between contacts, as well as reminders for Anniversaries and Name Days.
  • Geodata functionality for quick and correct entry of the geographical details of the contact.
  • Multiple attributes for quick aggregation – finding and Categorization in simple or tree-like format.
  • Easily import contacts by copying from another tab or file / social media.


  • Ability to transform actions into sales documents.
  • Automate processes using workflows. (Automatic creation of prescribed actions either from other actions or from commercial documents).
  • Action generator via LifeCycle tracker.
  • Ability to manage Group actions (Mass creation of actions for repeated actions where different customers participate. Attendance tracking. Tracking of participant invoicing).
  • Ability to send mail through CRM action.
  • Ability to manage human resources or other material resources (computers, rooms).
  • Complete Management of Activities of any type involving one or more contacts and handled by one or more resources.
  • Registration of communications / appointments between the business and the contacts, whether it is a possible sale to a prospective customer, After Sales communication, or for Customer Service.
  • Ability to post Service Tickets, Visit Tickets or other Work performed by resources on behalf of customers.
  • Total Activity Statistics with multiple reports and filter capability.
  • Integration of procedures with a call center.


  • View and schedule actions via Calendar by viewing the schedule of one or more resources of a group at the same time.
  • Quick entry and flexibility through the calendar, with options to copy actions, create new related actions, and close actions.
  • Complete flexibility in the format and data contained in a calendar with the Standard definition.
  • Color indication of actions based on action type.


  • Management of Contact Membership Cards.
  • Possibility of flexible definitions of point accumulation programs, per document or per item / group of items and for specific time periods.
  • Define point redemption programs.
  • Full transaction history of each card.
  • Comprehensive statistics about membership programs.
  • Fleet Scenarios.


  • Track the entire sales cycle from the initial lead list, communications, opportunity creation, quote generation and closing the sale with conversion to a document.
  • Ability to define static lists of contacts with easy entry from a specialized form or from file import, as well as dynamic lists with synchronization of contacts directly from the database.
  • Complete management of Promotional actions (Campaigns), defining the products promoted, the lists of contacts to be addressed, the duration of the action as well as the resources that will participate in the action.
  • Conversion of a Sales Opportunity into an Offer or other Document.
  • Easy access to all data of the Lead as well as the Resource assigned to the lead through the opportunity screen for a comprehensive view of opportunity status and scheduling.
  • Overall monitoring of the Success of a Campaign as well as the expected turnover through specialized reports.
  • Specialized contact management screen for telemarketing departments.
  • Multiple reports on Top Telemarketers as well as overall team productivity.
  • Management of promotional actions in the form of mail, sms, telemarketing
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