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PYLON Accounting Suite is a new generation accounting application specially designed to offer flexibility to users and innovation to the Accounting Office to smoothly enter the new digital age.

Key Advantages of PYLON Accounting

Electronic Books A.A.D.E.

Completely harmonized with the new electronic platform myDATA (Digital Accounting and Tax Application) with which A.A.D.E. introduces Electronic Books to businesses.

Premium Features

  • Issue of Document
  • Contracts
  • Accounting Office CRM
  • Fund Management
  • Call Center Connection
  • Digital Accounting

Advanced Financial Reporting

With the ease of one click, see the financial data of a trader, get the current Financial Picture, make comparisons with the past and evaluate the performance of the business with the Indicators and easily and quickly upgrade the financial reporting of your business!
Export the Report in any format you wish and share it with those you want for your next meeting!

Free Fields and Dimensions

Turn your accounting application into the ultimate management and financial information tool. The 15 -out of the box- custom fields and the 5 dimensions (project, activity sectors 1-2, season, brand) that are available in each of your entries are capable of incorporating any information you need, either by upgrading the reporting of the Finance Department or by offering a communication bridge with other systems and information centers of your company.

ELP - Ready

In the changes of legislation you need a guide someone who knows and can give you the solutions you need. The scientific team of Epsilon Net has integrated all the changes concerning ELPs and offers them to you in the most flexible and simplified way.
Track the tax and accounting depreciation of your fixed assets, manage accounting differences en masse at the level of accounts or at the level of individual entries or get Report and detailed printouts that can take you to the accounting article with one click!

Costing without Cost Accounting

Now you can have Cost Data at your disposal without driving your accounting department into the abyss of an Analytical Accounting Cycle.
The solution is called "Profit Cost Centers" and contains:

  • Automatic Distribution of Accounting Movements using Dynamic Distribution Models in multiple Dimensions (Branch, Sector of Activity, etc.).
  • Direct Registration of Movements and the possibility of Splits with the ease and speed of exporting the Result per Center and with the possibility of applying custom Scenarios!

Forms waiting for your click to submit

Put an end to the time-consuming process of preparing your tax and accounting forms. Automatically calculate and fill in all forms and submit them with one click to the respective GIS online service.
Want to be in total control?
Freely adapt the process to your measures with the possibility of using a mask on accounts and a live preview of the connected accounts per form field or use one of the numerous informative printouts (eg VAT Audit Status) to make your verifications easy and fast!

Sophisticated Asset Monitoring System

The most advanced asset tracking and management system is here!

  • With unlimited registers (ELP, DLP, Custom, etc.) which can either be updated with a common move or individually. With asset correlation capabilities.
  • Covered by investment Laws and grants.
  • With free periodicity of depreciation calculation.
  • With tracking capabilities for additional depreciation.
  • With multiple depreciation rules per asset.
  • With asset position monitoring.
  • With support for all types of movement and the ability to add your own custom ones.

In short, with anything you can imagine!

Focus on Usability, Not Customization

The scientific team of Epsilon Net has secured for you all the necessary configuration you need to start using the application in no time.
Choose between 7 ready-made pre-configured Charts of Accounts, movement codes, Calendars, etc. or / and easily import into your application all the necessary data lists (Intrastat nomenclature, KAD, MSKK, Renovation Expenses, etc.).
Any tax change that occurs updates the app just as easily without having to spend time on manual processes.

Chart of Accounts 2.0: The New Era

We set new standards in the development and customization of accounting plans.
The most sophisticated Accounting Plan that has ever existed has possibilities that exceed any imagination: completely free formatting, adaptive intercompany (possibility of using an intercompany L/S and simultaneous adjustment at the company level), account versioning (the parameters of each account are determined by the date it moves and for a change, e.g. in % VAT, you don't need to create a new account or affect your old data), plenty of separators, alphanumeric "smart" account masks, virtual Charts of Accounts and many other unique conveniences that will give you the solutions you've always been looking for.

Full Autonomy of Uses

The uses are completely independent from each other and can have different periods (month, week, day, etc.), book category or even Charts of Accounts!
This way you can more easily keep all your data collected and you don't have to create a new company every time there is a small or big change in its accounting parameters.

Multiple Books / Diaries

You can create unlimited journals or books of income - expenses, which can either be updated in one common movement or you can make entries that update each separately!
So you can, for example, easily meet your needs in terms of IAS or get the differentiated information you need for your company with minimal movements.

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