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PYLON Shop Hybrid is an intensive retail application aimed at retail stores, in order to cover their daily transactions with speed, flexibility and security, as well as the data assurance required by the A.A.D.E. both with its direct connection to the myData platform and with the appropriately updated sending of accounting items to the accountant.

The PYLON Shop Hybrid can be installed and operated as easily as a cash register.

With the PYLON Shop Hybrid handwritten receipts and invoices are eliminated, payments are automated and all tax changes affecting your business are instantly updated.

The application covers both "single point of sales" stores and more than one "multi points of sales".

For operational reasons in the specific sector, which mostly uses cash registers, the PYLON Shop Hybrid offers functional sales invoicing capabilities (retail receipts and sales invoices) since it is not necessary to track purchases and remaining items in the warehouse.

The PYLON Shop Hybrid it is extensible and can be connected to the commercial programs of PYLON Hybrid as well as scalable to follow the development and expansion of your business.

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