Computer Life of Imathia Prefecture Computer Life of Imathia Prefecture


  • Management of items with Serial Numbers and Batches with the ability to track quality characteristics per batch
  • Detailed table of the movements of the items based on which the cost price of each item has been formed
  • Assortment monitoring, items in Color/Size
  • Item set/kit monitoring
  • Item Reorder Proposal based on security limit & company, branch, warehouse reorder limit
  • Track items in alternative buy-sell units of measure
  • Ability to enable nine (9) different item prices in addition to price list functionality
  • Assignable Item Templates
  • Multiple attributes per species family for quick aggregation - finding. Categorization of species in either simple or arboreal form
  • Item families and Standard items for quick entry and avoiding mistakes


  • Ability to define customer credit check with either specific scenario or specific values
  • Ability to track customer open items by dimension (seller, collector, project, business unit, Contract, etc.)
  • Ability to view CRM actions directly


  • Integrated sales-Purchase contract monitoring circuit
  • Work tracking by project and the ability to link projects to contracts
  • Stock tracking plans aggregated and scaled by item category, customer category
  • Calculation of commissions based on sales, receipts, sales received, etc
  • Cash flow monitoring circuit with the possibility of changing amounts and simultaneously changing settlements
  • Ability to track budgets cycle


  • Integrated management of advances in Commercial Documents
  • Manage Sales Quotations with calendar effect for specific items or price list items
  • Credit turnover cycle
  • Add report Daily trading sheet with comprehensive view of information with date range or specific date
  • Breakdown of discounts by item line on commercial document
  • Addition of a new "Traders" tab on the Document Transformation parameter setting screen, in which it is possible to define different Invoicing, Ordering, Shipping Traders for the Documents to be created
  • Visual parameterization of the size of the header lines and the rest of the document


  • Asset Management. Depreciation calculation task and automatic creation of depreciation accounting article.
  • Aplographic and diplographic book coverage
  • Compliance with Analytical Accounting
  • SIC (Selective Inter-Company) design that achieves absolute balance and flexibility of your data
  • New generation of Chart of Accounts design with rich features and flexible way of developing and maintaining accounts
  • Built-in templates and out-of-the-box customization curated by the Epsilon Net Scientific Team
  • Endless possibilities of accounting information through multiple calendars
  • Integrated tax forms with immediate and automatic updating


  • Single Phase Production Process Management
  • Industrial Costing Monitoring
  • Ability to track product and materials per batch, quality characteristics of batches and special characteristics
  • Monitoring of semi-finished products, co-derivatives and by-products
  • Ability to create production order from sales order
  • Production costing scenarios with GBE cost sharing, Labor, Other Expenses
  • Split production costing costs based on plant, department, work center, item, Package, accounting query on the basis to collect costs from anywhere in the application
  • Output sources from accounting systems, Charges, free output, database query
  • Production costing based on a scenario and the possibility of executing a production process per step, e.g. cost calculation, production costs, official costing (creation of warehouse documents)


  • Automatic separation of species (agricultural drugs) per document to immediately find the desired data
  • Immediate creation of documents and automatic sending to the Ministry of Rural Development & Food
  • Full field and crop monitoring & management with pesticide aggregates by crop and field
  • Easy updating of the VAT list on your screen. Up to date catalog for all new product introductions or removal of old ones
  • Synchronization of information from the Ministry of Rural Development & Food with data concerning Regions, Municipalities, Crops, Agricultural Products


  • Full supervision of heating oil circulation on one screen and allocation of tasks by priority
  • Submission of forms to the Hefaistos system without errors and omissions that will create a dead end in the process
  • Automatic input of data for the creation & completion of heating oil forms to be submitted
  • Invoicing on the go quickly and easily with PYLON Sales Force Automation
    adding speed and security to transactions
  • Automatic update to the Heating Oil Management information system "Hefaistos" of the Independent Public Revenue Authority
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