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Epsilon Smart Ergani: The UNIQUE SOLUTION for the Digital Job Card

Learn through 10 Q&A, why EPSILON SMART ERGANI ADVANCED is the ONLY SOLUTION for the DIGITAL JOB CARD for small and medium-sized businesses!

1. Can my employees punch their card through the application?

EPSILON SMART ERGANI ADVANCED covers the need for card markings and the updating of PS ERGANI with the additional option of updating the accountant as well. Card marking requires a timekeeping terminal and this need is covered equally with a special customized system (e.g. tablet) by the only single solution on the market.

2. And how can any mistakes or omissions by employees be avoided, such as e.g. no card strike, entry strike instead of exit, strike that does not agree with the stated digital time, etc.?

EPSILON SMART ERGANI ADVANCED is the ONLY SOLUTION on the market that automatically connects to the vast majority of accounting offices, as well as internal payroll applications. It ensures 100% the employer's security to avoid violations, while at the same time guiding the employee in the correct use of the digital card, providing, in addition, the accountant/payroll manager with all the necessary information that contributes to the correct payroll calculation.

3. Can you give me 2-3 examples?

See indicatively 3 cases of warning messages to employers and employees:

Let's say that the time has started and the employee has not punched a card: The application informs the employee after the end, e.g. 10 minutes from the entrance specified in the declared time, thus avoiding a very important violation. The employer is also informed at the same time. This is an exclusive functionality due to the automatic communication with the payroll application of the employer's accountant or payroll manager. as this is how a comparison is made with the declared digital time.
Suppose the employee punches the card on a day or time when there is no declared digital schedule. The application automatically informs the employer, thus providing the possibility of immediate digital timesheet submission (in case of negligence). The information is preserved even if the declaration of hours is made using the accrual method
Suppose the employee who starts work at 08.00, comes and punches the card at 07.30. The application enables
a) to inform the employer & employee about significant early arrival, b) after configuration, not to accept the marking until it is done at an acceptable - with the stated schedule - time.

4. How is it 100% guaranteed that the employer and employee are informed in case of incorrect card transactions?

Due to the exclusive communication of EPSILON SMART ERGANI ADVANCED with the payroll application, the immediate, complete and correct information of the employer and employees is guaranteed to the maximum extent by the following methods:
a) directly on the card marking screen (visible by an employee)
b) via email to an employer and/or employee
c) via viber/sms message to employer and/or employee.

5. Is the application compatible with the obligation to observe the Digital Card markings for 5 years?

The application fully covers this obligation, while at the same time ensuring direct access to the data, both to the employer and to the payroll application of the accountant or payroll manager.

6. How is the "Automatic Payroll Calculation" done based on the data of the digital hours?

Automatic Payroll Calculation based on declared digital hours, declared increments (e.g. overtime) and declared leaves/sickness is provided exclusively through EPSILON SMART ERGANI ADVANCED, which has the unique advantage of automatically sending to the payroll application all payroll data (hours, days, nights, holidays, overtime, leaves, illnesses, absences, etc.) through online communication. With this feature, the accountant/payroll manager avoids time-consuming data entry and control procedures.

7. In case there is a need to calculate payroll based on card hits, is there such a possibility?

EPSILON SMART ERGANI ADVANCED connects online to the payroll application of the employer's accountant or payroll manager and provides exclusive automated payroll calculation procedures with parallel possibilities of unlimited parameterizations in timekeeping matters (e.g. management of earlier arrival or later departure).

8. In addition to the digital card, what possibilities does it provide in terms of configuring the Digital Time?

EPSILON SMART ERGANI ADVANCED, due to the unique advantage of online communication with payroll applications, provides:

Create and manage digital work hours (daily, weekly, fixed) with online updating of the internal payroll application or the external accountant.
Possibility of direct submission of Digital Timetables (emergency or scheduled) to TOOL II by the user.
Ability to configure and submit emergency or scheduled overtime with online update of the payroll application.
Possibility to configure a Leave & Absence program with online updating of the internal payroll application or the external accountant.

9. Is it possible for the application to work autonomously without communication with the payroll application?

This possibility is also provided in autonomous operation, however such an action involves serious risks for the employer as:

a) does not ensure the comparison of card strikes with the declared digital time
b) does not ensure that the accountant/payroll officer is automatically informed of any extraordinary changes in timetables or card markings
c) does not provide payroll application updates on leave/sickness/absence issues with serious risks of omissions or discrepancies involving significant penalties
d) does not provide any automation in payroll calculation, which maximizes the obligations of each internal or external accountant/payroll manager.
e) does not provide any automation regarding the HOURS & OVERTIME STATEMENT

10. Why should I choose EPSILON SMART ERGANI ADVANCED over other solutions such as e.g. acquisition of timekeeping terminals or stand-alone timekeeping application?

The Epsilon Net Group, through which approximately 2,000,000 private sector workers are currently employed, also covers the need to acquire traditional timekeeping terminals (clocks). However, such a solution is recommended for medium and large companies that have increased timekeeping needs and require the acquisition of a timekeeping subsystem, which of course is provided (by Epsilon Net) as a single solution together with the payroll application. It is clarified, however, that EPSILON SMART ERGANI ADVANCED is connected to any timekeeping terminal such as e.g. tablet or staff watch, even having a special communication software integrated in these terminals to avoid unnecessary costs of installation and other parameters
The Epsilon Net Group, as an undisputed leader in payroll, timekeeping and personnel management systems, fully aware of the needs of each business, through EPSILON SMART ERGANI ADVANCED, provides the best and most comprehensive solution on the market for small and medium-sized businesses at an extremely privileged price covering the online employer-employee-accountant connection in a unique and innovative way
The Epsilon Net Group, having cooperation with the largest companies and groups of the country, provides the most complete solutions such as e.g. and autonomous timekeeping application (Scan Timer, Business/PYLON Time Attendance), clarifying, however, that such a solution requires an excellent knowledge of digital card data and digital time, which is extremely difficult to implement in small and medium-sized enterprises.


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